About Us

Passion 4 Care is committed and devoted to providing quality, adequate and excellent care to meet the expectations of the service users in accordance with the rules and standards laid down by the Health and Social Care Act 2014. Our service may vary from a very small amount of support on a weekly basis, such as the provision of shopping support weekly, to large and detailed packages of care providing several visits per day. This will depend on the individual needs of our service users.


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what we offer?


  1. Short calls / 24-hour care
  2. Waking nights/sleepovers
  3. 24-hour live-in care
  4. Emergency calls
  5. Convalescent care


After the appropriate care plan is agreed with you or your next of kin, it will be necessary to monitor, on occasion, that we are meeting your needs appropriately and effectively and in a manner that you find acceptable. We will check how things are working after the first week by speaking to you either in person or by telephone. We will then review the situation more formally after we have been caring for you for weeks. If everything progresses steadily, we would review the situation again after 6 months and then annually if you still need our services.

As your needs change, we need to keep the agreed plan of care under review to ensure that it is always appropriate to your changing needs and preferences. We will review your care plan every time we monitor or evaluate the services we provide to you. If we feel that your care plan should be changed, we will discuss this with you and incorporate any agreed changes into a revised plan. This will ensure that the care we provide will always be appropriate and effective in meeting your needs.

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